Quality Policy

Each one of our products are cast in England or Scotland using craftsmen and traditional skilled tradesmen. All our products are inspected by us when they arrive at our depot from our foundries and again prior to despatch to the customer.

We dress each item individually and hand finish to remove all burrs and excess material prior to packing. Cast iron is especially vulnerable to cracking if subjected to impact so we inspect each item for cracks and any defective items are recycled. We allow for a small amount of deviation in the finish of cast items but discard any items with significant faults.

Our hit and miss vents are tested to ensure they work and move easily between open and closed positions.

If our products require painting, we apply one coat of 3 pack primer followed by one coat of professional 2 pack epoxy black gloss. Items are then either left 24 hours or infrared heated and left at least 12 hours to cure before packing. The painting on our cast iron air bricks and grilles will require regular maintenance and items we supply painted should only be regarded as cosmetically finished. To prevent rust forming customers will need to regularly repaint grilles.

We do not import any of our products but export around the world, especially to the USA.

We source all our products from UK foundries .

We understand how important quality is and seek to exceed the expectation of each and every customer with the products we sell. We have supplied air bricks to well known companies, many of which are household names and our grilles have been installed in especially sensitive buildings around the UK and the world.