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Quatrefoil Grating

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Quatrefoil Grating

After years of research and hundreds of requests from architects and period property developers, we're delighted to introduce our latest innovation – an elegant and simply stunning cast iron channel grille combined with a modern interlocking channel system.

The Quatrefoil linear drainage channel, also known as channel gratings or French drainage channels are specifically suitable for removing surface water in domestic period properties and pedestrian areas in conservation areas. The system can be installed for light vehicular use on driveways, patios and paths with block and flag stone paving or tarmac or concrete.

The Quatrefoil grilles are 108mm wide and 10mm thick and are available in a variety of lengths up to 1000mm long with a choice of bare metal or painted black finish. For those wishing to create their own channel or use an existing channel or indeed use the Quatrefoil grille as a vent or internal floor grille they are available with or without the plastic channel.

Quatrefoil grilles purchased with the channel will be supplied fully assembled with screws.

It is no accident that we chose the Quatrefoil design for our grille. We wanted our grille to appeal to conservationists and period property restorers alike and to enhance walkways and driveways in the simplest home or grandest mansion. For such a grille, we needed a design with class, history and elegance and the Quatrefoil has all three in abundance. The design can still be seen today in windows of Norman churches in England and throughout many Gothic London properties. Although used predominantly in churches, it's earliest use can be traced back 1000 years to an English penny from the London mint. The design is used extensively throughout Europe featuring most notably in Notre Dame, cathedral in Paris and also in Renaissance buildings in Venice, Milan and Florence and is sure to look good in the grounds and along the paving of homes in the 21st century.

A standard length is 1 metre long (1000mm) although it is possible to have shorter lengths to allow the channel to fit almost any situation. Shorter lengths available are 155mm, 300mm, 440mm, 580mm, 720mm and 855mm. Whilst the 1 metre long version has four screw holes ( a pair at each end as per photo), all shortened versions of the Quatrefoil grille are supplied with only two holes at one end.

Links to product data sheets showing installation instructions for the plastic channel system can be found below:-

Spec sheet for installation of plastic channel grating

Spec sheet for plastic channel

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Item Nom. Size (Inch) Size (mm) Weight (kg) Nom. Area of Drain Holes (mm2) Plate Thickness (mm)
Q1000 39 x 4 994 x 108 5 32000 10
Q855 33 x 4 855 x 108 4 27000 10
Q720 28 x 4 720 x 108 3.5 22000 10
Q580 23 x 4 580 x 108 3 17000 10
Q440 17 x 4 440 x 108 2.5 12000 10
Q300 12 x 4 300 x 108 2 8000 10
Q155 6 x 4 155 x 108 1 4000 10

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Size in mm

1000, 855, 720, 580, 440, 300, 155


Bare Metal, Painted Black

Channel Grating

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