Frequently Asked Questions


I have an old building, are your products suitable?


It is likely our products will be suitable for your listed building as they have been used in Buckingham Palace, the prime ministers house at Chequers, All Souls College Oxford and Cambridge University in the past with no problems. But this is no guarantee that they will be approved for use on every building or construction. To guarantee they are suitable for installation into your listed building you will need listed buildings consent and approval from your local authority conservation officer. To help you get this we’ve developed sympathetic conservation vents and heritage gratings and included some examples of the customers and buildings were they’ve been installed on the relevant web pages.

Remember that cast iron has been the material of choice, used for ventilation and drainage gratings since the reign of Henry VIII in castles, palaces and humble dwellings up to and including the present day. It is both pleasing to the eye and appropriate for listed buildings and affords an airflow rate of 50% – 75% more than the equivalent sized terracotta air vent.

Here are some of the UKs most sensitive buildings, all of which have installed one or more of our cast iron gratings during renovation work…….



Buckingham Palace

All_souls_college oxford

Should I use bare metal or painted air bricks?


Our advice is to use the most authentic option, especially for use in listed buildings. So long as rust marks won’t stain the walls of the property, we would suggest using bare metal air bricks, if available, for installation in a red brick building. If the building is constructed of painted render, stone or light coloured bricks then painted bricks would be more suitable.

Can I use your drainage gratings for roads and highways?


Not really. Although we show our grilles supporting the weight of a tractor or car, our gratings are predominantly for use on sidewalks and in areas of light traffic such as a private driveway.



How much will have to pay for customs?


Nothing – our prices are customs paid

How many do you have in stock?


We’re the worlds largest cast iron gratings stockist so we keep plenty in stock.

It is however possible that we may run out, especially after we’ve received an unusually large order for one specific sized product or vent. To check availability of stock and receive an indication of delivery time, customers are recommended to email there requirements to

I only need one, do you accept small orders?


Yes definitely, although we’ve supplied pallets of air bricks to blue chip companies and large orders to trade, about 1/3rd of our orders come from individual home owners who often require just one vent (normally a conservation or heritage vent).

How soon will I get my goods, can you deliver tomorrow?


If not tomorrow, then the day after.


Can you paint air bricks in a particular RAL colour?


As Henry Ford once said about the Model T Ford “You can have it in any colour, so long as it’s RAL9005” and that goes for our air bricks too (RAL9005 is black of course). Most are available in bare metal as an alternative which although they will rust, is an authentic finish for period property brick built houses of Victorian and Georgian age.

I am a specifier, where can I get the specifications of your products?


All the specifications for our products are shown here on the website under the relevant section. this includes free air flow rates, dimensions in mm and inches, thicknesses and weight of the item. If you can’t find the figures you are looking for or need specific free air flow rates, please contact us.

What air flow do I need for my combustion appliance?


Speak to a registered plumber or architect who is familiar with the building regulations for ventilating combustion appliances and open fires. Once you have the free air flow required you can match a grating or vent to suit your requirements by checking the specifications on the appropriate webpage on this website. If you can’t find the correct air flow, email the details of the required vent (internal and/or external) and the free air flow required.

Can I put mesh behind air bricks?


It may be possible but if the mesh is trapped behind a mortared in air brick and can’t be cleaned then eventually the vent would stop venting – making the vent useless. Instead, fit a flyscreen air brick, available in 9×3, 9×6 or 9×9 inch as shown below which has a removable front so the mesh can be taken out from time to time for cleaning. Or maybe fit a drilled vent grille with a flyscreen mesh over the hole and trap the mesh between the vent and the wall/floor.


Does adding mesh to a vent reduce the air flow?


Yes, it reduces the free air flow by 1/3.

I have a cast iron grating/airbrick i would like a copy of, can you cast one
for me?


We do not have the capacity to cast bespoke vents, regardless of the quantity but we can cut to size similar in cast iron using square hole pattern grilles.


If you have any queries that are not covered on our FAQ, then please feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist you.