Cast Iron Air Bricks

Cast Iron Air Bricks

Cast iron air bricks are used either externally or internally, built into walls (either brick or stone) to fit flush with the wall surface and secured in place with mortar or plaster.

Vent & Drain Grilles

antique floor registers

 vent grilles our most popular products in the USA were they are used as ornate floor registers in historic properties and new builds.

Long Gratings

Floor Registers and Ornate Registers

Long Drainage gratings and ventilation grilles are suitable for floor installation and fitting into walls; these cast iron gratings are available in various lengths and heights.

Conservation Vents

If ever there was a ventilation grille that was suitable for an historic building, then the Conservation vent is it! Available with a 4 inch and 5 inch spigot, customers say it’s an enhancement to the exterior of their property.

Featured Products

Here’s the English and Scottish products Americans love from the Cast Iron Air Brick Company. Our new Empire State 9x6 cast iron air brick, our slotted grilles in loads of sizes, our stunning sidewalk Quatrefoil grates and our delightful and authentic Victorian Y pattern cast iron air brick.